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Fuel-It! BMW E Chassis 650HP Port Injection Kits

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Fuel-It! 650HP Fuel System Upgrades!

If your power goal is 650whp or less and you need to upgrade your fuel system, you've come to the right place!

As these cars get older and less expensive we're seeing more issues with the stock components and more demand for cost-conscious fueling solutions.  Our new Fuel-It! 650HP line of fuel system upgrades is designed with those needs in mind while maintaining a budget.  They make the most of the stock components to maintain stock reliability and drive-ability but when the boost gets cranked up, the Fuel-It! 650HP components kick in to support the additional fueling needs of your high horsepower car.  With the Fuel-It! 650HP line up you can upgrade your components all at one time or upgrade them as time and budget allow. If upgrading one component at a time, we'd recommend starting with the LPFP first as that is the heart of your fuel system, without a good LPFP you can't supply the fuel needed to any of your other components.


What are the Fuel-It! 650HP Port Injection Kits

This new line of port injection upgrades was also developed to support any power level up to the 650whp while maintaining stock reliability with a plug and play kit that is easily removed.  These kits are a simple installation that include our silver anodized spacer, fuel rail, injectors, gaskets, all fittings, and upgraded fuel lines to transform your stock fuel system.  All of our fittings are custom designed and made to connect to the stock fuel system so no permanent modifications are needed and installation is kept simple.

What is the Fuel-It! 650HP LPFP Upgrade (650HP fuel pump upgrades are available here...) 

How do I order?

It's simple, you can order by making the appropriate selections in our drop-down menus.

Choose your Engine type:

Select N54 or N55

Choose your platform type:

Select your platform type and take note of platforms restrictions.
If your platform isn't listed, select other and add your platform type to your order notes.

Choose your Port Injection Kit:

We have a few options for you to choose from to meet your needs.  If you need assistance, email us at

If you are running a JB4, we recommend you choose a kit with the BMS JB4 controller for easy integration with your JB4

If you are not running a JB4, we recommend that you choose a kit with the Split Second Flash Tune controller

If you plan to experiment and will be changing your tuning preference but are currently running a JB4, select the Split Second JB4 Integrated controller.

If running ethanol, we recommend getting a kit with our ethanol sensor and Bluetooth analyzer integrated.


Do you need a return kit with FPR?

This kit eliminates your stock in-tank FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) and replaces it with an external FPR that has a 1:1 boost reference ratio if you install the included boost reference line.  When targeting more than 600whp and running more than 25psi, we recommend adding this kit to make the most of your upgraded fuel system.  This requires the installation of a return fitting and a 3/8" hole in your tophat.  If you are ordering the LPFP upgrade from us with a new tophat, this will be completed for you.  If you are using your existing LPFP or tophat, you will need to make this modification and install the fitting.

Included with all port injection kits will be the following

Port injection spacer with injectors

Fuel-It! silver anodized custom spacer for the intake manifold with angled injectors to eliminate the cylinder 1 offset and improve atomization and distribution
Fuel-It! silver anodized custom fuel rail with integrated brackets

6 flow matched Bosch 550cc injectors
-6an fuel supply port
-6an fuel return port plug
1/8" NPT boost reference port (cyl 6) 
Six OEM manifold gaskets
Seven extended length zinc coated bolts
Seven zinc coated washers
Two nylon rail and manifold alignment pins

Upgraded fuel lines

Custom black anodized billet fittings
Custom HPFP fitting with our exclusive Cam-Lock! technology
Custom Y fitting to eliminate all threaded fittings to reduce the potential for leaks
Custom male fitting for the stock filter assembly
E85 compatible 3/8" fuel lines

Ethanol Sensor and Bluetooth Analyzer (optional upgrade)

• Continental ethanol sensor
• Fuel-It! 0-5 volt and Bluetooth Analyzer
• Our custom black anodized Cam-Lock fittings