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Fuel-It! BMW N54/N55 Port Injection Kit

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More Fuel for your BMW bolted on!

The ultimate fueling solution for your BMW. Adds six supplemental low pressure fuel injectors allowing fueling of up to 800+whp.

The rail kit includes the rail, hoses, and necessary fittings. The full kit with injectors includes six flow matched Bosch 55# injectors and the JB4 Port Injection Control Module which allows the JB4 full bidirectional control over the port injection mapping. The JB4 controls port injection flow as a function of boost, gear, engine speed, injection pressure, and includes advanced features such as tip in enrichment and fuel injector flow detection to trigger a safety in the event of an unplugged or shorted fuel injector. Unlike the old AIC6 controller no programming or mapping is required on the controller itself. You simply connect it to the JB4 harness using the included PNP connectors. Note the fuel controller requires a JB4. For JB4 fuel maps and setup details Click Here.