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Introducing our new B58 Gen 1 specific Charge Pipe Injection (CPI) kit!

Advancements of B58 flash tuning and JB4 back end flash maps have removed the software fuel limits but created a new limiting factor, high fuel pressure pump volume. With higher boost targets and E85 fuel mixtures, the high-pressure pump is not able to keep up with demand resulting in fuel pressure drops that trigger engine misfires, stuttering, and limit your overall performance.

The Fuel-It! B58 CPI kit addresses this limitation by adding an extra 7th fuel injector in the charge pipe to supplement fuel volume. Connected to the low fuel pressure system using high quality plug and play AN lines and included fittings it allows fuel to be injected in to the engine directly raising the overall fueling limit. Includes a CNC machined coupler for an easy install that is compatible with the factory charge pipe. For those equipped with a JB4 the FSB WMI controller is used and for those running flash only the stand alone port injection controller is needed. Both are fully plug and play solutions.
The basic kit includes
• One 950cc injector with 1/8" NPT (meth bung) mount
• Our exclusive Cam-Loc 5/16" fuel line adapter
• Billet adapter with 1/8" NPT Bungs
• One -4AN (1/4") fuel line -Injector harness
• Installation Tool
• Accessories
• Hose Clamps
• Couplers

Questions and Answers
Q:  Does this kit fit other applications

A:  This kit is specifically designed for those cars equipped with the B58 motor, if you have a different application, check out our basic starter kit that can be configured for your specific application.

Q:  What is CPI? 

A:  Charge Pipe Injection (CPI) is our new proprietary system that allows you to add an additional to your boosted application with any standard 1/8" NPT female connection in your charge pipe or intake system.

Q:  Is it expandable?

A:  Yes, we have two types of injector bodies.  The first has one input that can be run by itself or we have an injector body with two connections so you can daisy chain in additional injector fed from the same fuel source.  For those looking to run more than one injector, we recommend staggering the injectors and not running them directly opposed for this application.

Q:  How is it controlled?

A:  You must use a port injection controller such as the BMS port injection controller, BMS FSB, or a stand alone (flash only) port injection controller.

Q:  Can I use this without a secondary injector controller?

A:  No, this is a PWM controlled injector that must be programmed.

Q:  What kind of fuel can I run?

A:  These kits are compatible with methanol, ethanol, E85, race gas, and pump gas.

Q:  Where do I connect to the fuel source?

A:  This kit includes our stock fuel line adapter for the fuel source.

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