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BMS Universal CANflex CANbus E85 Analyzer (ECA) BETA

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This universal E85 analyzer plugs directly into your Flex Fuel sensor (sensor kit sold separately) and outputs your ethanol reading on CANbus address 0xEC allowing your flash only DME and/or JB4 to read the ethanol signal. In addition it includes a harness plug for an optional low fuel pressure sensor (available from Fuel-It!) adding this critical tuning information to platforms like the B58 that don't include a factory low fuel pressure sensor.

Can be used with both rear mount and front mount sensor kits. CANbus connections are attached using removable posi-taps based on mounting location. See wiring guide below.

Wiring Guide:
Red/Green: 12v switched power via fuse tap or posi-tap
Black: Ground
Orange: CAN- (For front mount usually the factory yellow CANbus wire)
Red/Blue: CAN+ (For front mount usually the factory red CANbus wire)

Diagnostic LED:
Solid green: Unit has power/ground
Flashing green: Unit has power/ground and CANbus communication

Note: We can customize the transmit address, format, and transmit
speed. Contact us if you have a special request.