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BMW 535 (E6X) Walbro Stage 2 LPFP Upgrade for the N54 Motor

BMW 535 (E6X) Walbro Stage 2 LPFP Upgrade for the N54 Motor

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Fuel-It! BMW 535 (E6X) Walbro Stage 2 LPFP Upgrade!

This is a complete Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) upgrade that replaces your stock LPFP assembly with a new E85 certified one.  This is a  complete plug and play solution by simply replacing your stock bucket.  The new pump assembly includes the following...
    • New BMW LPFP bucket assembly
    • A new E85 compatible Walbro pump
    • A new filter
    • A new custom fuel line
      • Lock Ring Removal Tool Included!

    Compatible with the following vehicles production dates

    • 5' E60 LCI (11/2005 — 12/2009)
    • 5' E61 LCI (11/2005 — 05/2010)
    • 6' E63 LCI (04/2006 — 07/2010)
    • 6' E64 LCI (04/2006 — 07/2010)

    - All Stage 2 assemblies are stock buckets that have been rebuilt and may show signs of being disassembled and rebuilt.

    • Upgraded pumps pull more current, so if your EKP (LPFP control module) is weak, it may overheat causing it to shut down and need to be replaced.



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