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BMW Accessory Harness for the S58 and B58 motors

BMW Accessory Harness for the S58 and B58 motors

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Looking to install methanol, port injection, or some other accessory on your S58 or B58 equipped BMW and need a switched power source? Then you need our 12 volt accessory adapter!

If you need a switched power source to run your aftermarket accessories and don't want to run a wire through the fire wall to the fuse box we have the solution for you.  Installation takes about 30 seconds and there is not cutting or splicing.  Simply unplug the 4 pin connector on the ECU, plug in our fused adapter, and plug the ECU connector back in.  You now have a 12 volt 10amp fused power source that is ready to use.

*Includes a 10 amp fuse

Compatible with the following:

-All B58 Gen 2 motors

-All S58 motors

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