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Porsche 911 Bluetooth FLEX FUEL KIT for the 991.1 and 991.2

Porsche 911 Bluetooth FLEX FUEL KIT for the 991.1 and 991.2

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Know your exact ethanol content in real-time via the Fuel-It! or JB4 app on your smartphone or tablet.

If you're running E85 or ethanol mixes in your Porsche 911, you need this kit!

As many of you know the Porsche 911 motors can be very picky about how much ethanol you run to achieve peak performance but not run lean. Consequently, we have put together a kit enabling you to easily install an ethanol sensor with no permanent modifications needed.  You will simply remove your low pressure fuel line in the engine bay and plug in our kit. It's a complete plug and play solution that utilizes our Bluetooth app to monitor your ethanol content.  When you are ready to return to stock, you will simply remove the kit and re-install the stock fuel line.

The complete kit includes the following:

  • Genuine Continental ethanol sensor
  • Fuel-It! Bluetooth Universal Analyzer
  • One stainless steel braided fuel line with black nylon sheathing to protect your other engine bay components
  • Proprietary custom billet fitting for plug and play OEM integration
  • One custom wiring harness
  • 1 tube of SuperLube® for hose adapter install
  • Bluetooth Model Supports stand-alone Bluetooth operation with the Fuel-It! app

Compatible platforms:


  • 911 991.1
  • 911 991.2

* Location: When behind the car looking at the engine bay, it will be on the driver side up near the intake manifold.

*Ethanol Sensors don't actually read the ethanol content, the readings are based on the absence of gasoline, so if your fuel is contaminated your ethanol readings may be artificially elevated.

Ethanol Content Sensor


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