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Fuel-It! BMW E Chassis Dual Walbro Stage 4 LPFP and Fuel System Upgrade Kit

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If you are making over 600whp and your LPFP pressures are dropping, this is the solution for you!

This is the most powerful LPFP upgrade available and it still utilizes the stock bucket and retains all the factory venturi's and fuel transfer systems in the tank while bypassing all the factory restrictions to maintain higher pressures and greater flows.

***Note: This system requires you to run one of our port injection kits and our external fuel pressure regulator upgrade***

This upgrade includes two Walbro 450 E85 pumps, a custom 6 micron ethanol compatible filter assembly, and all the -6an fuel lines and fittings to complete your upgrade.  This solution provides up to 300% more flow than stock and is boost referenced.

  • This kit include the following:
    • A new OEM bucket, tophat, and float
    • Two new E85 compatible Walbro 450 pumps (F90000274)
      • Optional upgrade to Walbro 525 pumps (F90000285)
    • Two new Walbro pump filters
    • A custom fitting that is tuned to optimize the venturi and pump output
    • Spare vent tube clip
    • Wiring harness for the secondary pump
      • All the necessary -6an fuel lines to connect the pumps, fuel filter, HPFP, and port injection rail
    • 6 micron E85 compatible fuel filter
  • Additional requirements:
    • Return kit
    • Fuel-It! or Phoenix Racing Port injection kit
      • E-series N54
      • E-series N55
  • Recommended Accessories:
    • Lock Ring Removal Tool
    • Hobb's Switch
      • This option is for those customers that will be using a boost referenced switch to trigger the secondary pump. 
    • Flex Fuel Kit
      • All of our flex fuel kits have Bluetooth capability for use with the Fuel-It! app as well as: 
        • Analog output of 0-5 volts or .5-4.5 volts for use with the JB4 or analog gauges
        • Frequency output of 50-150hz
      • Use the following links to download our app...
    •  Compatible with the following vehicles production dates:
      • 1' E88 (11/2006 — 10/2013)
      • 1' E82 (11/2006 — 10/2013)
      • 3' E90 (02/2004 — 09/2008)
      • 3' E90 LCI (07/2007 — 12/2011)
      • 3' E91 (02/2004 — 08/2008)
      • 3' E91 LCI (07/2007 — 05/2012)
      • 3' E92 (05/2005 — 02/2010)
      • 3' E92 LCI (11/2008 — 06/2013)
      • 3' E93 (09/2005 — 02/2010)
      • 3' E93 LCI (11/2008 — 10/2013)
      • X1  E84 (04/2009 — 06/2015)


    -Due to the different configurations available, these kits will be built after the order is placed and will ship within 5-7 business days.

    - All Platinum LPFP assemblies are stock buckets that have been rebuilt and may show signs of being disassembled and rebuilt. 

    • Upgraded pumps pull more current, so if your EKP (LPFP control module) is weak, it may overheat causing it to shut down and need to be replaced.
    • Click on one of the links below to download your installation guide

    Install Guides...

    Hobb's switch

    Regulator block-off

    Secondary pump wiring guide

    Install diagram

    Flex Fuel and BMS PI controller