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Fuel-It! Glass Ethanol Content Tester - Pro Test Kit

Fuel-It! Glass Ethanol Content Tester - Pro Test Kit

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Know the ethanol content of your fuel!

As auto enthusiasts ourselves, we wanted to know the quality of fuel we were running and wanted to be able to test it accurately. We were frustrated because current ethanol testers aren't full scale, they’re hard to read, and if you get fuel on them, the graphics come off. So we set out to design a tester to meet our needs.

Test in just 3 easy steps 

Step 1: Add water
Step 2: Add fuel
Step 3: Shake

Pro kit includes
• Two glass reusable 25ml ethanol testers with a screw-on cap
• Two pipette samplers
• One microfiber towel
• Two disposable gloves
• Reusable telescopic case
• Set of directions

Features and Benefits
• The new testers are larger and easier to fill.
• Kits include two testers.
• Kits come in a case that can be used to dispense fuel into and fill your tester. No more looking for a cup or container to dispense fuel into.
• Improved graphics so the ethanol content can be read from the front or the magnified view from through the glass.
• Larger testers are more stable when left to stand on their own.
• Testers have measurements that are displayed in 2.5% increments.
• Include 2 pipettes to make taking fuel samples easier.
• Have laser engraved graphics that are guaranteed to never come off or dissolve.
• Compact at approx. 3.4" x 1.2" or 86mm x 30mm and easy to store.
• Full scale so if your fuel is E0, E10, E50, E90…no more guesstimating.
• Container includes testers, pipettes, and directions that are approx. 4.8" x 2.4" or 123mm x 64mm

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