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Fuel-It! Bluetooth FLEX FUEL KIT for BMW F CHASSIS B38, B46, B48, B58 Motors

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Know your exact ethanol content in real-time via the Fuel-It! or JB4 app on your smartphone or tablet.

If you're running E85 or ethanol mixes in your BMW, you need this kit!

As many of you know the BMW motors can be very picky about how much ethanol you run to achieve peak performance but not run lean.  Consequently, we have put together a kit enabling you to easily install an ethanol sensor with no permanent modifications needed.  You will simply remove your low pressure fuel line in the engine bay and plug in our kit.  It's a complete plug and play solution that utilizes our Bluetooth app to monitor your ethanol content.  When you are ready to return to stock, you will simply remove the kit and re-install the stock fuel line.

  •  Complete Kit includes:
    • Two E85 compatible fuel lines
    • Ethanol Sensor
    • Bluetooth Analyzer

    Includes both Bluetooth App & analog output for JB4 or flash tuning

      • Bluetooth (iPhone or Android app must be downloaded to use this feature)
      • If you are using an Apple product the app can be found by clicking here
      • If you are using an Android product the app can be found by clicking here

    Compatible platforms for the B38, B46, B48, and B58 motors:

    • 1' F20 LCI   (05/2014+
    • 1' F21 LCI   (05/2014+
    • 2' F22   (06/2014+
    • 2' F22 LCI   (09/2016+
    • 2' F23   (06/2014+
    • 2' F23 LCI   (09/2016+
    • 3' F30 LCI   (09/2014+
    • 3' F31 LCI   (09/2014+
    • 3' F34 GT LCI   (09/2015+
    • 3' F35 LCI   (07/2015+
    • 4' F32   (04/2015+
    • 4' F32 LCI   (05/2016+
    • 4' F33   (03/2015+
    • 4' F33 LCI   (05/2016+
    • 4' F36 Gran Coupé   (05/2014+
    • 4' F36 Gran Coupé LCI   (05/2016+


    *For the JB4 platform connect the white wire to position #16 on the JB4 25 pin harness.   Then enable bit 1 (JB4 15/16 Flex Fuel input) on the WMI page in the JB4 settings.

    *Ethanol Sensors don't actually read the ethanol content, the readings are based on the absence of gasoline, so if your fuel is contaminated your ethanol readings may be artificially elevated.

     Fuel-It! E85 Ethanol Content Tester