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Infiniti Q50/Q60 650HP LPFP Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit

Infiniti Q50/Q60 650HP LPFP Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit

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If your power goal for your Q50 or Q60 exceeds your stock Low Pressure Fuel Pump’s (LPFP) capacity and you need to upgrade your fuel system, you've come to the right place!

As these cars get older and less expensive we're seeing more issues with the stock components and more demand for cost conscious fueling solutions. The new Fuel-It! 650HP line of fuel system upgrades are designed with those needs in mind while maintaining a budget. They make the most of the stock components to maintain stock reliability and drive-ability but when the boost gets cranked up, the Fuel-It! 650HP components kick in to support the additional fueling needs of your high horsepower car.


  • 2016+ Infiniti Q50/Q60 3.0L Turbo Luxe, Sport, Silver Sport, Red Sport

What is the Fuel-It! Infiniti Q50/Q60 LPFP Upgrade?

No iDrive warnings, no EKP issues, and no sending your fuel pumps in for repair or upgrade.

This new line of Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) upgrades utilizes the stock pump assembly to meet everyday driving needs but when the boost kicks in, the Fuel-It! 650HP secondary pump kicks on to support those high boost fueling needs. This system requires no modifications to your stock system, including the bucket, wiring, or stock plumbing so that it is reliable and easily reversible. There is no tearing down your bucket or sending it in to be upgraded.  Install only requires adding the additional pump assembly to your fuel tank where it sits side by side with your stock pump assembly and then installing the additional wiring harness.  The secondary pump then runs in parallel with the stock pump making use of the stock capacity while adding up to 200% more capacity to your existing system.  Doing it this way eliminates any additional strain on your stock wiring and the EKP that runs your stock LPFP.

VR30 LPFP Upgrade Options:

These kits are only available as an add-on assembly and you will retain your stock pump. The secondary pump requires the additional wiring harness and will require that you add two 9/64" power terminals to your tophat. 

Upgrade to a Walbro 525 fuel pump? (Add $75.00)

Our kit comes standard with the Walbro 450 pump but for those looking for even more flow, we offer the Walbro 525 upgrade. Select it if you want the most out of your new fuel pump. 


Included with all Q50/Q60 LPFP upgrades:

• Walbro 450 pump (F90000274)
• Optional Walbro 525 pump (F90000285)
• Black Anodized Custom fitting
• Pump brackets
• 9/64" terminals and associated hardware
• Fuel line
• Replacement PITA clip
• Wiring harness

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